Meet Kristen and Brittany!

Kristen is a social media enthusiast that loves meeting new people and conn1918658_588474476496_4454942_necting families to the city’s amazing vendors!  A new mom to a busy busy girl, Kristen is on the go with her iPhone in hand.  A fan of Snapchat and Instagram, she values the filter, loves boomerang and tweets like a champ. On her maternity leave, Kristen fell in love with the parenting community in Edmonton and  the passionate mompreneurs that Edmonton has to offer!

Kristen was the social media manager for the Spring 2016 Mom to Mom Show and is very excited for the next show on April 29, 2017!

img_4720Brittany is a mother to her amazing and active pre-schooler. Organizational skills are a must, and she’s got them down! Brittany is an active member in her community league planning programs and amazing activities for all the littles (her last one was a space night and it was awesome!) From numbers to networking, Brittany loves meeting other moms and being a part of the mompreneur community. The Spring 2017 Mom to Mom Show is going to be amazing, and Brittany is excited to be a part of it!

Meet 559

We (the tireless toymakers) at 559 are super excited to be a part of the Mom to Mom Shop and Swap this fall! And because of our excitement, we’ve been working on a bunch of handcrafted toy goodness to introduce at the show. Of course, if you want to take a pre-show peek at 559 and our range of developmental toys for infants+, please come and take a look at our website, at

New Products

They’re so new that we don’t even have photos of them (or names for them) yet, but we’ll be introducing new products in both our Infant and Toddler toy lines! First up is a smaller (and crinklier) version of our Tabby Square, which will still feature a couple of different textures to explore, colourful ribbon tabs to play with, and modern colours and design. And for the 559 tots? A new line of wooden Autos, with more traditional vehicular shapes, and natural, hemp-oiled bodies and wheels, for maximum open-ended play. We know a lot of our fans (small and tall) are going to be pumped about these ones, and, honestly, we’re pretty pumped too.

Limited Edition Rattle Colour

We’re happy to say that 559 will be releasing limited-edition colours of our rattles a couple of times a year, and on Nov 8th and 9th, our first oh-so-special colour will be available!

A little softer than our other colours, this lovely pinky-purple (that we’re calling Orchid) looks so fabulous with our original purple and natural, hemp-oiled wood, that we couldn’t help photographing the new Orchid rattles hanging out with their deeper purple rattle-siblings. Still safely made with wood, milk-paint, hemp-oil, and non-toxic glue, 559’s Discus, Orbit and Circus Rattles are all available, in small quantities, in beautiful Orchid.

Giveaway Gift Basket

This adorable assortment would be perfect for any wee one, and includes a set of gorgeous 559 Baby Blocks, a fascinating Orbit Rattle (in whatever colour the winner would like), a tactile and teething Dotty Ring, and a set of our 4 Textured Fabric Rings (in grey/white or ivory/white). There’s $56 dollars of our handcrafted products in there, and all you have to do to enter is sign-up at the show for our e-newsletter!

Military/Law-Enforcement Discount

With close ties to the military community, we’d like to remind our customers that as a thank you for their (and their families) service and sacrifices, we offer a 10% discount to members, and families of members, of the military and law enforcement communities. At markets and shows, this turns into a rounded-up 10% due to the cash nature of the events (get $1 off on $10 and under, get $2 off on $11 – $20, etc), which is really a pleasure for us to be able to offer, and truly the least that we can do.


559 Mom to Mom Blog

Meet Kiwi Canuck Creations

We can’t help but love a company that makes adorable crocheted goodness AND gives back to an amazing cause with each purchase.

Kiwi Canuck Logo Product Pic


I am Canadian – a Canuck from the vast white north. I grew up in Peace River, Alberta at a latitude of 56ºN and although I couldn’t quite see the North Pole, I can confirm that this country is stunningly white in the winter. Around ten years ago I embarked on an overseas experience to expand my professional skills as a teacher… My husband is from Rotorua, which is a hot spot for travellers traipsing around New Zealand looking to enrobe themselves in the area’s thermal activity and rich culture. While my husband loves Canada, he is a New Zealander – a Kiwi to the centre of his heart. Together we have a handsomely adorable son – a Kiwi Canuck. We live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and try to go home to New Zealand as often as possible.

Kiwi Canuck Creations offers crocheted hats, scarves, wraps, headbands, and accessories. These items are designed to be fashionably functional in newborn to adult sizes. I also make those delightful photography props used in newborn and cake smash photos. A wide range of yarn and embellishments, and my much loved buttons, are used to create the look and texture that is just right for each piece. Custom orders are always welcome!

As a stay-at-home mom I launched this cottage home-based business for the following reasons:

  1. I was in desperate need of something to do in my down time (all mothers who can identify with my position should chuckle and raise an eyebrow to this – parenting is truly a 24-7 job). What I really mean is that I needed a reason to think creatively and engage with other adults.
  2. Endometriosis is an illness that affects millions of women around the world, yet it isn’t often talked about. I wanted to support endometriosis research and create awareness about this illness. Thus, I donate $5 from each purchase to the World Endometriosis Research Foundation (
  3. In a world of commercialization, it is nice to own something that is handmade and one-of-a-kind!


I invite you to reward yourself with some downtime by taking a few moments to unwind with a refreshing drink as you peruse my online shop – while I attempt to keep the world warm, cute and stylish one crochet stitch at a time!

Meet Discovery Toys!

We know you’ve heard of these guys, but have you had the opportunity to experience their products? Lucky for you, Discovery Toys will be at the Fall 2014 Mom to Mom Shop and Swap!

DT 2

Discovery Toys, a trusted brand for over 35 years, specializes in premium quality, kid-powered learning products for newborns through school aged children +.  Our product teaches positive play, encourages thinking, problem solving and creativity.  Children learn through play, what a better way to learn then with our fun educational products?  Come and check out our new toys and our classics and see how Discovery Toys can provide an impact on your family.  Rest assured, the quality and safety of our toys is as important to us as the learning benefits. Every item in our catalogue is BPA free and meets or exceeds all required safety regulations for the USA (ASTM & CPSIA) and Canada (CPSA).  We are so confident in the quality and safety of our products that we back every item with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee (within 30 days for books and CD’s).


Meet Cozy Car Seat Ponchos

We were beyond thrilled when Debbi at Cozy Car Seat Ponchos signed up to be one of our Handmade Exhibitors for the Fall 2014 Mom to Mom Shop and Swap. Her innovative solution to an everyday problem (especially here in Northern Alberta!) is something you just have to see. Here is a little note from our friend, Debbi!

Hi, my name is Debbi and I am the founder of Cozy Car Seat Ponchos.  I first became aware of the demand for these ponchos last winter when my daughter was looking for one for my granddaughter.

“It’s not safe for her to wear her snowsuit in the car seat, Mom.  I need to buy her a car seat poncho.”  Huh?  Having had my kids in the 80’s, I’m definitely on the learning curve when it came to new trends and safety best practices.  What do you mean no snowsuit?  In our winters? She’ll freeze!  But once I read about it, it made perfect sense to me.

You simply can’t get the harness snug enough over that bulky winter outerwear.  Stories of babies being ejected from both their snowsuit and the car seat were enough to convince me this was a valid concern.  And the car seat poncho seemed the perfect solution.  Easy to use, you simply drape the back of it up behind baby, and then fasten the harness underneath of it in front.  Using a poncho allows you to fasten the harness with the same secure and snug fit as you would in the warmer months.  Problem solved!

My daughter found an online store that sold the ponchos, but they wouldn’t ship to Canada.  Believe it or not, there were no Canadian vendors selling them!  She finally ordered one from the US and had no choice but to pay the exorbitant shipping costs that were almost as much as the poncho itself.  This is when I decided to start my own home-based business and provide Canadian moms with another alternative.

2014-07-16 10_11_24 2014-07-13 07_47_11

Our ponchos come standard with a few must-have features.  First, elasticized cuffs.  Giving baby access to her hands means she can hold a toy, suck her thumb, or hold onto a shopping cart in the grocery store.  Secondly, a 2-way zipper.  When it’s -35 out the last thing you want to do is fumble around trying to find the car seat harness underneath the poncho, or wrestle with the connecting ends of the zipper.  A 2-way zipper is the perfect solution – a quick zip up lets you find and fasten the harness, and with a quick zip back down, you’re ready to go.  Other standard features include an elasticized hood, double layers of fleece and an extra layer of cotton batting for warmth.

It may not be our favorite season, but here at Cozy Car Seat Ponchos we are definitely ready to help you deal with the inevitable onslaught of winter!

Creator and Owner of Cozy Car Seat Ponchos,

Debbi Piech

Come visit us at  or

Somebody Loves Me

Somebody Loves Me promo

Somebody Loves Me provides trendy, unique and affordable children’s clothing.  We are two sisters that are excited to start this new adventure.  Our company carries: infant shoes, adorable girls dresses, cute boys attire and our Dr. Seuss clothing line.

Like our Facebook Page and share a post and receive FREE SHIPPING in Canada!!


Show the World Your Story with South Hill Designs!

Show the world what is important to you by designing your own custom South Hill Designs locket.  We help you tell your story in a locket. Whether it’s your love story, your life story, your family history, a tribute to a beloved pet, whatever your story – we can help you express it with charms in a beautiful locket.


Check out our products on my website at

Become a fan of my Facebook page and stay up to date on new items, contests and promotions:

Or for lots of great locket design ideas check out my board on Pinterest:

Stop by our booth at the Mom to Mom show to build your own locket, we’ll have lots of stock on hand to create your masterpiece. Or, if you’d prefer to earn your jewelry for free, stop by the booth to book a home social and receive a free gift from us!

Every customer who purchases a locket at the booth will get a free Mom or Family charm!

Also don’t forget to look for our surprise in your swag bag too!

We hope to see you there!

Sweet Style by Silver Icing!

SilverIcing Promo

Silver Icing is High quality, comfy casual fashionable clothing at affordable prices!We use Bamboo Jersey, Bamboo Brushed Terry & our Signature Icewick Fabic to make soft, luxurious, silky, fade resistant, high impact Eco-Friendly Clothing! A balance between the latest trends & a relaxed lifestyle.

Host a trunk party or an online pop-up shop and get rewarded with free clothes and 50% off items



At the Event: Mom to Mom Shop & Swap

Sign up to HOST a party and be entered to WIN a $25  Silver Icing GIFTCARD!


FREE INFINITY SCARF with purchase OVER $100 dollars the day of the event!

Get your Infinity Blankets by NeeMü Baby at the Mom to Mom Show!

Infinity Blankets by NeeMü Baby are unbelievably soft, bamboo, hand knit, stretchy blankets with no end.


Some call it a baby cocoon, but we like to call it an Infinity blanket.

“Neemü” was my oldest daughters nickname for her little sister when she came home from the hospital in her Infinity Blanket 🙂

Our Infinity Blankets make a great shower gifts or a cozy prop for baby’s first photo shoot.  They are perfect for keeping babies snuggled up for those months of needing to be swaddled.  It has all the benefits of the swaddler but without the hassle of it coming apart.

Infinity Blankets are 100% handmade by me, and made to fit babies 0-5months.  After 5 months, then it grows with baby to be a stroller buddy, by tucking those legs and feet in so moms don’t loose those little socks and booties.

Our blankets have to be felt to believe how soft they are!  Babies love these blankets!  Come by the show and check them out.


Here’s a couple of happy mom testimonies…

“Just wanted to let you know the newest member of our family absolutely LOVES his infinity blanket. He fusses when he’s not wrapped in it!”

“This blankets is magic. NO JOKE. She falls asleep in no time if I put her in it and stays asleep.  It thought maybe it was a fluke but she has slept in it every day since we got it. <3 I don’t understand why she wants to be in it considering its’ been so hot the last few days but she insists! 😀

NeemuBabyShop my store at:

or check out my facebook page for more updates and photos


See you there!

Check Out KeyLime Athletic Wear at the Mom to Mom Show!


I am very excited to be going to the mom to mom show!! Cant wait to represent Keylime Athletic Wear!

Keylime is a Canadian company offering high quality athletic wear. Clothing that will meet the needs of a casual exerciser to the serious athlete, and all the comforts in between. Keylime Athletic Wear is based out of Sherwood Park, Alberta. We focus on providing comfortable quality clothing for Every woman, because we believe that Every woman should have the opportunity to Look her Best, Feel her Best and Be her Best. We have sizes ranging from xxs to xxl.


As a Keylime Rep I have my own Facebook page as well,

I will be offering a free headband with purchases over $100. We will have a few other specials to offer as well!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!