• Get your Infinity Blankets by NeeMü Baby at the Mom to Mom Show!

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    • 22 February 2014

    Infinity Blankets by NeeMü Baby are unbelievably soft, bamboo, hand knit, stretchy blankets with no end.


    Some call it a baby cocoon, but we like to call it an Infinity blanket.

    “Neemü” was my oldest daughters nickname for her little sister when she came home from the hospital in her Infinity Blanket 🙂

    Our Infinity Blankets make a great shower gifts or a cozy prop for baby’s first photo shoot.  They are perfect for keeping babies snuggled up for those months of needing to be swaddled.  It has all the benefits of the swaddler but without the hassle of it coming apart.

    Infinity Blankets are 100% handmade by me, and made to fit babies 0-5months.  After 5 months, then it grows with baby to be a stroller buddy, by tucking those legs and feet in so moms don’t loose those little socks and booties.

    Our blankets have to be felt to believe how soft they are!  Babies love these blankets!  Come by the show and check them out.


    Here’s a couple of happy mom testimonies…

    “Just wanted to let you know the newest member of our family absolutely LOVES his infinity blanket. He fusses when he’s not wrapped in it!”

    “This blankets is magic. NO JOKE. She falls asleep in no time if I put her in it and stays asleep.  It thought maybe it was a fluke but she has slept in it every day since we got it. <3 I don’t understand why she wants to be in it considering its’ been so hot the last few days but she insists! 😀

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    See you there!