For Guests

Planning to attend the Mom to Mom Show?

Here are some things we have planned for you!

  • VIP Prize! We love offering you amazing prizes! Stay tuned to see what our VIP prize will be!
  • Social Media Prize! Another great prize we’re super excited about! We’ll be adding more details soon.
  • Swag Bags! The first 150 families through the door will receive a bag valued at over $100!
  • Our Philanthrophic Partner.  We love supporting various organizations in our community! Stay tuned to find out who we are supporting at the Spring 2018 Show!
  • Mom Lounge. The Mom to Mom Show is a breastfeeding friendly environment. The Mom Lounge is a quiet refuge from the hustle and bustle of the Show. If you need a place to change or nurse your baby, or just need to calm down a fussy baby, this is your room to use.
  • Kiddie Korner! Truth be told, this is the fun zone! The Mom to Mom Kiddie Korner is a fun place for the minis to go and hang out. With face painting, an obstacle course and play areas, and a number of their favourite characters to hang out with, the littles will love the show just as much as you do.
  • Check back regularly to see what other tricks we have up our sleeves!