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    • 14 October 2014

    We were beyond thrilled when Debbi at Cozy Car Seat Ponchos signed up to be one of our Handmade Exhibitors for the Fall 2014 Mom to Mom Shop and Swap. Her innovative solution to an everyday problem (especially here in Northern Alberta!) is something you just have to see. Here is a little note from our friend, Debbi!

    Hi, my name is Debbi and I am the founder of Cozy Car Seat Ponchos.  I first became aware of the demand for these ponchos last winter when my daughter was looking for one for my granddaughter.

    “It’s not safe for her to wear her snowsuit in the car seat, Mom.  I need to buy her a car seat poncho.”  Huh?  Having had my kids in the 80’s, I’m definitely on the learning curve when it came to new trends and safety best practices.  What do you mean no snowsuit?  In our winters? She’ll freeze!  But once I read about it, it made perfect sense to me.

    You simply can’t get the harness snug enough over that bulky winter outerwear.  Stories of babies being ejected from both their snowsuit and the car seat were enough to convince me this was a valid concern.  And the car seat poncho seemed the perfect solution.  Easy to use, you simply drape the back of it up behind baby, and then fasten the harness underneath of it in front.  Using a poncho allows you to fasten the harness with the same secure and snug fit as you would in the warmer months.  Problem solved!

    My daughter found an online store that sold the ponchos, but they wouldn’t ship to Canada.  Believe it or not, there were no Canadian vendors selling them!  She finally ordered one from the US and had no choice but to pay the exorbitant shipping costs that were almost as much as the poncho itself.  This is when I decided to start my own home-based business and provide Canadian moms with another alternative.

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    Our ponchos come standard with a few must-have features.  First, elasticized cuffs.  Giving baby access to her hands means she can hold a toy, suck her thumb, or hold onto a shopping cart in the grocery store.  Secondly, a 2-way zipper.  When it’s -35 out the last thing you want to do is fumble around trying to find the car seat harness underneath the poncho, or wrestle with the connecting ends of the zipper.  A 2-way zipper is the perfect solution – a quick zip up lets you find and fasten the harness, and with a quick zip back down, you’re ready to go.  Other standard features include an elasticized hood, double layers of fleece and an extra layer of cotton batting for warmth.

    It may not be our favorite season, but here at Cozy Car Seat Ponchos we are definitely ready to help you deal with the inevitable onslaught of winter!

    Creator and Owner of Cozy Car Seat Ponchos,

    Debbi Piech

    Come visit us at www.facebook.com/cozycarseatponchos  or www.etsy.com/ca/shop/cozycarseatponchos